Road Repairs Update Print
Written by County Councillor Eber Kington   
Friday, 23 December 2011 23:25


Following a meeting in early December with the local Highways Manager I was guaranteed a works gang in the Division to tackle all the damaged/dislodged kerbstones that I have reported – and many I have not. That gang is working in the area this week and I am told that they repaired kerbs and a few slabs o/s 151 Walsingham Gardens yesterday (Wednesday) and they have tackled the worst kerbstones down Seaforth & Lymington and will be doing The Byway, Vale Rd/Cunliffe and Elmstead Gardens and hopefully some other areas by the end of the week. Surrey Highways aim to get them back after Christmas to carry on with some more. Please note the gang has been tasked to get the worst problems done first, for example where kerbstones are laying on verges etc. rather than unsightly misaligned ones.

Remaining Surface Treatment 2011-2012

In addition, a reminder that there has been a delay in undertaking the surface treatment of several roads in the Division. Pre-patching has been done but the final treatment requires warmer weather and is delayed until the spring. These roads are: Auriol Park Road, Cromwell Road, Percival Way, Preston Drive, Riverview Road, Salisbury Road (A240 end).

Highway Maintenance 2012-2013

Surrey Highways have announced their provisional Highway Maintenance programme for 2012-2013 which comprises major maintenance, surface repair, footway repair and drainage schemes. Earlier in the year County Councillors were asked to bid for 3 roads in the Division that we felt required maintenance as part of the prioritisation process. 100 councillor points were given to each of the three roads, along with points for various other criteria such as, condition data analysis, skid accidents etc. All the points for each road were added up and two countywide prioritised lists of schemes created, one for schemes that require Major Maintenance works and one for schemes that require preventative Surface Treatment works. If the budgets remain as expected Surrey Highways expect to be able to carry out Major Maintenance schemes up to and including position 63 and Surface Treatment schemes up to and including position 190.

Following discussions with representatives from SARA, Ewell Court RA and Cuddington RA, I nominated Walsingham Gardens, Oakland Way, Dewsbury Gardens. I am pleased to say that both Walsingham Gardens and Oakland Way are on the list for surface treatment next year. However, Dewsbury Gardens requires major maintenance and is listed as priority 119, with the cut-off point being scheme number 63.

In addition:

  • Following my conversations with local Highways officers the full length of the footway both sides in Seaforth Gardens will be repaired (bitmac replacing slabs – similar to Amberley Gardens). Please note only 14 roads in the whole of Surrey are prioritised for footway reconstruction, and following on so quickly on from Amberley Gardens is a real bonus for the area.
  • Major maintenance of the A240 from Salisbury Road northbound towards Tolworth is listed (again!). 63 schemes have been given the go-ahead (out of 1,148) and the A240 is listed as number 24 in that priority order.

I hope you all find something within the information above to bring about some Christmas cheer.