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Sunday, 16 September 2012 20:25

KFC logoNatalie Rogers, Chairman of Stoneleigh Residents' Association has received a response to her letter to Pegasus Planning about the plans for the site of the Organ and Dragon pub. Here is the letter from Pegasus Planning in full.

Dear Mrs Rogers

Organ and Dragon Public House, London Road. Ewell

I refer to your letter dated 9 September 2012.

I aim to respond to the bullet points made under the two headings Consultation and Proposal/Planning Application. This is set out below.




  • Letters were sent out to properties within around 150 metres of the site which equated to 351 properties and a further 6 letters were sent to the local Councillors.
  • We did not keep an accurate check on exactly how many people attended the meeting as some were present throughout and others came and then returned. However we did receive 6 written responses on the night.
  • We are writing again to local Councillors giving an indication of the changes we are proposing to the scheme which will be incorporated into a planning application.

Proposal/Planning Application

  • We have yet to identify the numbers of covers that will result from the proposal. However the public floor area available for the restaurant will be significantly below that that was provided within the Organ and Dragon.
  • There is no proposal for a drive-through facility. All takeaway orders will have to be made via pedestrians entering the restaurant.
  • We currently anticipate operating hours to be 0700 hours until 2300 hours.
  • Deliveries will be made predominantly in the morning to avoid times when the restaurant was busy.
  • Car parking will largely be the same as is currently on the site.
  • We shall be submitting a Transport Statement which assesses existing traffic volumes and predicts potential new traffic volumes associated with the proposal. Information such as when surveys were done and their locations will be in the Transport Statement submitted with the planning application.
  • The alterations to the building consist of a new service yard to the rear of the public house contained by a new wall, external staircase to the first floor and a re-positioning of the vehicular access so as to improve vehicle accessibility into the site.
  • There will be in the region of 30 - 40 new jobs created as a consequence of the proposal. These will be in a range of positions but there would only be a maximum of 8-10 employees on site at any one time.
  • KFC will rigorously manage waste on site. The proposal involves a number of litter bins shown on the site. In addition it is intended to provide for a series of litter picks in public areas within 100 metres of the premises.
  • We have yet to see from the Council whether any Section 106 obligations are necessary as a consequence of the proposal.
  • The proposal will be supported by a Noise Assessment which will also survey the existing noise climate on the site. Items such as CCTV cameras and lighting will form part of the overall proposal. KFC have a rigorous management policy with regard to the behaviour on site of customers as the proposal is for a restaurant aiming to provide a family-orientated experience. It is not in the interests of KFC to have any antisocial behaviour taking place and all necessary steps will be taken including calling the Police should this be necessary.
  • We anticipate a planning application being submitted to the Borough Council within the next seven days.

I trust the above answers the points you have raised. More information will be available within the submitted planning application and this will be available for public viewing via the Council's website.

Yours sincerely

David Onions

Pegasus Planning Group