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1    Title:

The name of the Association is “Stoneleigh and Auriol Residents’ Association” (‘the Association’).

2    Membership and Definitions:

2.1 Membership shall be open, by application or invitation and subject to such conditions as may be laid down by the General Committee from time to time, to all residents and persons engaged in business in the Stoneleigh and Auriol Wards (‘the defined area‘) of the Borough of Epsom and Ewell (‘Borough‘) as more particularly provided below. The boundaries of the defined area shall be as determined periodically by the Boundaries Commission of England and Wales. References below to ‘County‘ are to the County of Surrey.
2.2 Residents shall qualify for Household membership by reference to a dwelling as a single unit with one vote for the householder and, where appropriate, one vote for the householder’s spouse or partner. No resident shall have more than one vote and no person shall be eligible for both Household and Business membership at the same time.
2.3 Business membership shall admit into membership business entities as single units, unless the owner or manager of the business is already a Household member, with one vote for each business entity.
2.4 The Constitution of the Association will be published on the Association’s website and a link to it will be published annually in ‘The Resident’ magazine.

3    Associate Membership:

3.1 Persons living outside the defined area may, subject to the approval of the General Committee, become Associate Members.
3.2 Except as otherwise determined by members in general meeting, Associate Members may not hold office in the Association or be permitted to vote at general meetings but will be entitled to all other privileges of membership.

4    Honorary Life Membership:

4.1 Honorary Life Membership may be bestowed upon a Member or an Associate Member (other than a serving Borough or County Councillor) as a mark of outstanding service to the Association. Admittance to such Membership will be by the General Committee first passing a resolution to that effect, which will then be put for confirmation (or otherwise) by the membership as a whole at the next Annual General Meeting. Only five such nominations may be submitted in any five year period ending 1 January of the year of that Annual General Meeting.
4.2 An Honorary Life Member may attend and vote at general meetings and (except for serving Borough or County Councillors) shall be eligible for election to office but will be exempted from payment of the annual subscription or other dues.

5    Aims of the Association:

5.1 To represent and promote the interests of the membership on a non party-political and non-sectarian basis.
5.2 To foster a sense of neighbourliness within the defined area.
5.3 To select, sponsor and campaign for candidates on behalf of the Association for election to both the Borough and County Councils for the defined area.
5.4 To arrange social functions, activities and outings.
5.5 To edit, publish and circulate ‘The Resident’ magazine and any other publication (such as pamphlets or other material) having a bearing on issues affecting the membership or the local community.
5.6 To liaise, establish or maintain links with other Resident Associations, bodies or institutions concerned with matters affecting the local community within or in the vicinity of the Borough and the County.
5.7 To provide a forum for the expression and exchange of views and concerns on local issues.

6    Subscriptions:

The Annual Subscription will be decided by members in general meeting and shall become due annually on the 1st January. Payment of the subscription will confer membership as defined in Articles 2 and 3 from year to year.

7    Officers:

7.1 The Officers of the Association, to be elected at the Annual General Meeting shall be: The President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents (3), Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Press and Publicity Officer, Editor, Advertisement Manager, Local Transport Officer, Joint Registrars (2), Journal Distributors (2), Independent Examiner, Social Committee Chairman, Social Secretary and Zone Representatives
7.2 Officers shall hold office until the next Annual General Meeting when they shall retire but remain eligible for re-election, except Vice Presidents who will hold office for three years and retire annually by rotation.
7.3 Only members under Article 2, Article 3 (where permitted) and Article 4 shall be eligible to be Officers of the Association. Borough and County Councillors will not be so eligible unless they are sponsored by the Association or any other Residents’ Association within the Borough.

8    Management and Administration:

8.1 The General Committee (as defined in Article 9) shall be solely responsible for the management of the Association, including practice and procedure generally.
8.2 The Chairman of the General Committee may from time to time convene meetings of appropriate Officers of the Association to deal with matters of principle or administration and will duly report the outcome to the next meeting of the General Committee.

9    General Committee:

9.1 The General Committee shall consist of Officers of the Association described in Article 7.1 except for the President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents and Independent Examiner.
9.2 The Independent Examiner and Borough and County Councillors sponsored by the Association may attend meetings of the General Committee but will only be entitled to vote if they are Officers of the Association other than the President, Deputy President, Vice Presidents and Independent Examiner.
9.3 The General Committee may co-opt additional members to itself, and appoint Officers to fill vacancies, subject to such appointments being reported at the next Annual General Meeting.
9.4 Eight voting members shall form a quorum of the General Committee, without which no business will be valid.
9.5 Any voting member of the General Committee with a personal or pecuniary interest in any subject matter being discussed must declare it, withdraw from the debate and not vote on the matter.

10    Sub-Committees:

10.1 The Association will have two permanent Sub- Committees of the General Committee, namely the Social Sub-Committee and Membership and Publications Sub-Committee.
10.2 Subject to Article 10.5, the Social Sub-Committee shall consist of the Social Chairman, Social Secretary and any other members of the Association co-opted by the Social Chairman. The sole function of the Social Sub-Committee will be to organize social activities, outings and other similar events.
10.3 Subject to Article 10.5, the Membership and Publications Sub-Committee shall comprise, the Editor, Advertisement Manager, Joint Registrars (2) and Journal Distributors (2). The Membership and Publications Sub-Committee will be responsible for all matters relating to membership and publications (including in particular 'The Resident' magazine). The members of the Sub-Committee will elect one of their number to be its Chairman for the year.
10.4 The General Committee may also from time to time create other Sub-Committees, appoint or remove members thereof and determine their duration and terms of reference as it thinks necessary or expedient.
10.5 The Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer will be members, ex-officio, of all Sub-Committees, including the Social Sub-Committee and the Membership and Publications Sub-Committee. All Sub-Committees will report to and be subject to direction by the General Committee.
10.6 Four members shall form a quorum of any Sub Committee, without which no business will be valid.

11    Attendance at Committees:

A member (other than a Zone Representative) of the General Committee or any Sub-Committee, who is absent without leave from three consecutive meetings thereof will be deemed to have resigned from that Committee or Sub-Committee. Such leave may be granted by the Committee or Sub-Committee in question for good reason either before during or no later than one month after the third missed meeting. Any deemed resignation shall take effect at the end of such period of one month.

12    Annual General Meetings:

12.1 The Annual General Meeting (‘AGM’) of the Association will be held in the month of March or as soon thereafter as the General Committee may decide. The notice convening the AGM will be circulated to all members, with at least 28 days notice, and shall include the following items:

1. The Minutes of the previous AGM.
2. The Annual Report of the General Committee.
3. The Examined Accounts for the year ending the preceding 31st December.
4. Any proposed additions deletions or amendments to the Constitution.
5. Any standing orders in existence.

12.2 The business transacted at the AGM will include consideration of the above items, receipt of reports from permanent Sub-Committees, the election of Officers and any other business.
12.3 Nominations for election to all offices should be forwarded in writing to the Secretary at least 14 days prior to the AGM. Nominations may however be received by the person chairing the AGM in respect of an office or offices for which none shall have been lodged as aforesaid.

13    Special General Meetings:

13.1 Special General Meetings (‘SGM’) of the Association may be held from time to time as more particularly provided below.
13.2 The General Committee may call an SGM at any time but at least 10 days‘ notice thereof shall be given to members.
13.3 An SGM may also be requisitioned in writing by no less than 50 members, specifying the purpose thereof, whereupon the Secretary shall arrange for it to be held within 28 days of the date of receipt of such requisition giving at least 10 days‘ notice of the meeting to members.
13.4 No business other than that for which the meeting is convened shall be transacted at an SGM.

14    Sponsored Councillors:

Borough and County Councillors sponsored by the Association may attend general meetings but will only be entitled to vote at them if they are members of the Association.

15    General:

15.1 The liability of all members shall be limited to the amount of the annual subscription.
15.2 No member shall incur any expense in the name of the Association unless authorized to do so in writing by the General Committee or one of the permanent Sub- Committees.
15.3 The General Committee may from time to time lay down Standing Orders defining the role or functions of Officers, members of the General Committee and Sub- Committees and Zone Representatives.

16     Constitution:

16.1 Any amendment or addition to this Constitution shall be made only at an Annual or a Special General Meeting provided the conditions specified in Articles 16.2 and 16.3 are satisfied.
16.2 Notwithstanding any other provision of this Constitution, no proposal for any amendment or addition thereto shall be considered unless the notice specifying the proposed amendment or addition will have been received by the Secretary not less than 28 days prior to the date of the meeting, be it an AGM or an SGM.
16.3 No resolution seeking an amendment or alteration to this Constitution shall be passed at any such meeting unless supported by at least two-thirds of the members present and voting.
16.4 The General Committee will have the power to decide cases or determine matters not specifically covered by this Constitution, including suspension from office and withdrawal of membership. Where the decision involves suspension from office or withdrawal of membership the procedure set out in Article 16.5 shall apply. Any other decision or determination may, if the General Committee considers it appropriate or necessary, be referred to members at the next AGM or at an earlier SGM duly convened for that purpose in accordance with Article 13.1 for approval.
16.5 Every decision involving suspension from office or withdrawal of membership shall at once be referred to a Review Panel consisting of the President (or if the President is unable or unwilling to so act then either the Deputy President or one of the Vice-Presidents in order of seniority of appointment) who shall chair the same, one Councillor representing each of the said Wards and the Chairman. The Panel will as soon as possible conduct an enquiry into the decision and make a report thereon with such recommendations as it considers appropriate having regard to all the circumstances. If the matter is then not resolved to the satisfaction of the person adversely affected by the decision, such person may appeal to members in general meeting either at the next AGM or at an earlier SGM duly convened in accordance with Article 13.3 save that for that purpose the number of members required to sign the request for the SGM shall be 30 instead of 50.

As amended by the Annual General Meeting held on Friday 18 March 2016.

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