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Written by Huw Barrington   
Sunday, 11 September 2011 16:12

Epsom Coaches have advised the Association of fare changes which came into effect on Saturday 3 September. It is reported that these changes are necessary following huge increases in operating costs and reductions in the subsidies received, including fuel, tyre and spare parts costs, employers national insurance increases, reductions in the level of reimbursement for carrying senior citizens and the disabled free of charge, the impending reduction of 20% in the Bus Operators Grant for road fuel tax and insurance to cover an increasing number of personal liability claims, together with the cost of fighting the many spurious ones.

In addition, ongoing environmental and health and safety legislation has increased the operating costs of Epsom Coaches, to an extent that they believe that an increase in fares is inevitable. They have delayed such increases until now and believe that previous fares were artificially low and significantly below the cash fares charged on competitor services, including Transport for London routes that run in parallel with the local Surrey buses: the current London cash fare being £2.20 and likely to increase again in January 2012.

Routes E5 and E9 have a flat fare structure with one fare being charged regardless of the length of journey. However, route 408 has a more complicated fare structure with 69 possible fare combinations! Epsom Coaches have therefore taken the opportunity to simplify the fares down to two stages on this service; they expect the effect of this to even out depending on the length of journey.

Route E16 already has a flat fare of £1.80, therefore will not be affected by this change.

Route E5 - Watersedge, Longmead, Epsom.
New fare £1.80 (was £1.40)

Route E9 - Clarendon Park, Livingstone Park, Manor Park, Epsom.
£1.80 (was £1.20)

Route 408 - Epsom, Ashtead, Leatherhead, Cobham.
£1.60 and £2.00 flat fare (was 69 fare stages) no longer to offer return fares

Route E16 - Stoneleigh, Ewell Village, Epsom.
£1.80 (no change)

Children - Half adult fare

Senior Citizens and Disabled - Free travel after 09.30.